1. Snarling & cantankerous
    Snarling & cantankerous
  2. Floyd at County
    Floyd at County
  3. Learning he's loved
    Learning he's loved
  4. Lovable and endearing
    Lovable and endearing
Pretty Boy Floyd was like no other...
Turned in as a stray at the County shelter, he was destined for euthanasia as he was ornery, snarling, cantankerous and definitely a 'biter'. Rockstar took one look as his intake photo and knew we had to save him. It wasn't easy in the beginning, he was a risk to volunteers and even getting him a vet check up meant sedation and a muzzle.
But soon Floyd started realizing he was loved. He enjoyed being doted on and a personality other than meanness emerged. He quickly became a fan favorite as RCRS flooded Facebook with videos of him trotting around the play yard with his beloved food bowl firmly placed in his jaws. His bowl was the only toy Floyd enjoyed and it became his friend and security blanket.
Floyd lived for a further seventeen months in RCRS care and was spoiled and loved by all. He developed a lameness in his rear legs that worsened and eventually caused him loss of function. Once RCRS knew it was time, he was surrounded by those that had cared for him, hugged, kissed and let go...
RCRS will never be the same and the loss of his personality will forever be greatly missed. This page commemorates his life with us.

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