The intake of a new Rockstar dog, usually requires an assortment of care; vaccines, microchips, grooming, tick/flea treatments, de-worming medications, spay/neuter surgeries, and this is just to ready them to a standard level of adoption quality.
Some dogs are sick and/or injured and require even more, continued care; sub-q fluids, special diets, medications, vet visits or even surgeries.

Our new MANAGE A ROCKSTAR program is where you, as one of our AWESOME donors, can become the manager of your favorite Rockstar by choosing the exact items and care you wish to manage for each Rockstar dog on an individual basis.

Click any of the options below to donate the cost of these expenses for any Rockstar, or add several to your cart and help even more!

You can choose to manage a special Rockstar that has grabbed your heart, on a monthly basis.