At Rockstar, we are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and/or psychologically traumatized dogs. Which include but is not limited to;

  • Sick, injured or elderly dogs from County shelters
  • Physically impaired and/or disabled dogs from County shelters. (Case dependant)
  • Dogs housed in or previously involved in hoarding situations. (Case dependant)
  • Dogs that are deemed 'unadoptable' and of which would be a proper fit for our sanctuary. (Case dependant)

The following conditions have all comeabout due to unfortunate situations and interactions with the public at large. Due to court procedings and numerous negative backlash incidents through social media and other sources, we have had to adopt the following protocols. We no longer accept;

  • Owner surrenders. (Except in the situation of hoarding cases.)
  • Strays. (Except in emergencies such as hit by car, injured, extreme malnourishment, etc...) (Case dependant)
  • We no longer provide "courtesy posts" on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. This takes away from current Rockstar dogs all looking for homes.
  • We do not "pull", in our name, from a County facility in order to "buy time" or enable a dog to be saved. If a dog is pulled by RCRS, it is then an official Rockstar dog.
  • At this time Rockstar does not have the resources nor accommodations to intake dogs with aggressive behavioral issues. Minor issues such as food and/or toy resource guarding are not considered as "aggression" and may be accepted. (Case dependant)