Game Of Hearts

Game Of Hearts is our annual Valentine's Day Fundraiser and here's how it works.

Pictured below are the dogs currently within our care. Choose one, a few or ALL, and use the dropdown button to donate your hearts. Make sure to list the names of dogs you're donating your heart(s) to, or write all if buying one for each. We'll then place a heart with your name on that or those dogs kennels. Each heart counts as one entry (like a raffle ticket). On February 14th we'll draw a heart and the winning dog gets a stay-cation (1 night) in sunny Puerto Penasco, MEXICO! We'll take him or her to the beach where they will enjoy the water, see the sights and get some much needed time out of our kennel facility.
It does wonders for their wellbeing and helps provide funding for all our ROCKIN care!

DON'T FORGET to add the names of dogs you're donating your heart to!
Rockstars currently in our care
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Should the dog you've chosen to donate your heart to get adopted during the 14 day competition, your heart(s) will be divided amongst the remaining dogs, starting with the dog who has the least donated hearts.